September 3, 2019

Neighborhood Groups

Neighborhood Groups are small groups of WCC members who gather regularly for fellowship, spiritual growth, and neighborhood outreach. Visitors are welcome!

Interested in a Group? See this Neighborhood Group Map to find the right group for you, then send a note to the contact person in order to find out about meeting times and locations as well as childcare. If the meeting time does not work for you, try the next closest group instead.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Each Group is hosting outdoor, COVID-safe, fellowship meals in the month of May. More regular meetings will resume later this summer.

Beatties Ford Neighborhood Group: Contact Evan Sprinkle for more info.

Morehead Neighborhood Group: Contact Josh Robertson for more info.

Rozzelles Ferry Neighborhood Group: Contact Bryan Irvin for more info.

Still need help finding a group? Please email Pastor Charles McKnight.