July 29, 2017

Family Meals

Family Meals are a regular time for WCC members, visitors, and neighbors to build relationships through fellowship and prayer around a shared meal.

Why do we do Family Meals?

Our Family Meals are related to all three of our church values:

1. Parish Ministry: Family Meals help us build relationships and connections in our neighborhoods.

2. Ordinary Means of Grace: Family Meals provide spaces for fellowship and prayer as we share our lives while we break bread together.

3. Multiplication of Ministry: Family Meals help us delegate the work of ministry to the whole body of Christ as our members host in their own homes.

When are Family Meals and how can I sign up?

Presently there are Family Meals hosted on every day of the week at least once a month. You can sign up for a Family Meal here.

Can I host a Family Meal?

We are always looking for more Family Meal hosts. If you are interested, please read this Family Meal host FAQ and then sign up to host a meal.